Are You Homesick? These Candles Smell Like Your Home State.

I love candles. Who doesn’t?

With so many choices these days, it’s hard to sift through what is good quality and truly unique. Homesick Candles is both of those things.¬†These candles smell like your home state, they take you back, they take nostalgia to another level.

On the website Homesick states:

Homesick Candles are created by a group of friends who relocated from states they still feel close to. We worked hard to perfect the scent of each state we craft a candle for to create that feeling of home, wherever you may be.

We hand pour each of Homesick Candle, using materials 100% made In the USA.

They have every state covered. This is the PERFECT Christmas gift – get ’em here.

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A beer bottle on a dock