5 Appetizer Ideas For This Year’s Friendsgiving

When I think of Thanksgiving, three F words come to mind: family, friends, and FOOD. Food, as we all know, is the easiest way to get people together. Having a separate Thanksgiving with your close group of friends is always a fun way to catch up!

But, of course, you should contribute to whoever is hosting the party by bringing some type of dish. Appetizers are always an easy and popular choice. Here are 5 appetizer ideas for this year’s Friendsgiving…

Garlic Knots

These are always my favorite thing at the table every year. Make them this year!


Cranberry BBQ Meatballs

Pull out your slow cooker, you’re gonna need it. Here’s the recipe.


Smoky Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus

Alright, even the name sounds appetizing. Try it for yourself.


Turkey Veggie Tray

This one is quick, simple, and festive! Learn how to make it!


Bacon-Wrapped Pickles

Yeah, you heard that right. Bacon. Wrapped. Pickles. Make them. 



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