Kaylor Cox’s Piano Cover Of “Better Man” Will Stop You In Your Tracks

Kaylor Cox= a name you need to know.

First things first, watch her cover of Little Big Town‘s “Better Man” and prepare to be amazed.

Cox has an amazing voice that she continues to prove cover after cover. I can’t get enough of the music she continues to put out on her YouTube channel.

If you want to get to know her more watch this Q&A video. Cox is a woman of faith with big dreams that she hopes to achieve through hard work within these next few months. Plus she has the same sense of humor as me, which means we both think we are hilarious even if no one else does…but hey, it’s a good thing to be able to laugh at yourself. Right, Kaylor?!

Y’all check her out. 

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock