This Candle Company Has A Scent That Smells Like Your State


Anyone who knows me knows I am a candle ADDICT. Seriously. My roommate used to lose me in TJ Maxx all the time and knew exactly where to find me – in the candle aisle. I currently have 3 different scents burning in my room as I type this and I’m in a sensory overloaded Heaven.

There’s just something about a candle that warms you up and makes your home feel all cozy. But what about when that home is a little too far away from, well, home?

The good people over at Homesick Candles found the perfect solution. Their company has crafted specific scents for each state, like leather, fresh cotton and sage for Texas:


Shop STATE shirts here.


Orange, sea mist and driftwood for Florida:


and sweet tea and peaches for Georgia.


Want to find out what YOUR state’s scent is? Shop their selection here! Plus, would one of these make a great stocking stuffer or what?

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