12 Gifts Your Girlfriend Actually Wants For Christmas

Guys aren’t the best when it comes to shopping for gifts.

However there is some good news. Usually, your girl is gonna appreciate anything that comes from the heart, anything that helps her relax, anything that shows her you listened.

Here are 12 gifts your girlfriend actually wants for Christmas.

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1. Perfume

Pick one that you for sure like and one that you think she’ll like. If you like whatever she already uses, get her another because she’ll eventually run out. Check out Amazon for the nice, but cheaper options.

2. Monogrammed anything

A lot of girls love monograms. You really can’t go wrong with this one. Find anything and monogram it, she’ll love it. Look at Etsy for this.

A group of people in the snow

3. Nice makeup

Not from the local drug store, but from places like Sephora or Urban Decay.

A group of people in the snow


You can never go wrong here. As Chase Rice puts it, “she said make me happy so I fed her pizza.” He’s a smart man. Get your girl some food and she’ll appreciate you. Here are the directions for you to bake the best chocolate chip cookies. 

5. Jewelry

For the big splurge look here but if you aren’t wanting to spend that much money yet, a simple necklace from Macy’s or just about any shop at the mall will do.

6. Cozy sweater

It’s Christmas time which means it’s probably one of the colder parts of the year. You can’t go wrong with a big, cute, cozy sweater. Look at Lulu’s for the sweater.

7. Concert clothing

Is your girl a big concert junkie? Get her something she can wear to the concerts then. The Whiskey Riff Shop has a ton of options, and it’s growing. Click here.

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8. Sports Team Apparel

If she a big fan of the Cubs? Well that’s GREAT news. Whatever team she may love, get her something from the team’s store. She’ll love it. Check out this “W-itness” shirt for Cubs fans.

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9. Accessories

Accessories are a perfect go-to gift. Something like a scarf, beanie, ball cap, bag, will work. She’ll always be able to find some kind of use for an accessory.

10. Something personal

There is nothing better than a personal homemade gift. If you know her well then you won’t have trouble putting some effort into this kind of gift. Something as simple as a picture of you two in a picture from would work.

11. A trip.

Thanks to Groupon and other similar sites, traveling has never been easier or cheaper. You can literally go to the Caribbean, all inclusive, for about 6-$700 for a week. Or hit up 3 European cities for a week for about $1200 – yes that INCLUDES flight and hotel. Not bad, huh?

12. Whiskey Riff

Anything from the Whiskey Riff Shop will be a hit as a Christmas gift. Check out all the shop has to offer right here. She’ll love it.

A group of people in the snow

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