Every Little Sister With An Older Brother Will Understand These 9 Things

My brother has been my sidekick since day one.

We’ve been through it all together. The good times and the terrible times. My favorite memories from my childhood are all with him. As we’ve grown older I have come to appreciate his big brother advice and protection.

Here are 9 things every little sister with an older brother knows to be true…

1. He taught you how to be tough.

Since day one he’s the one who taught you how to get back up and rub some dirt on it. If you were anything like me, trying to hang out with your brother and his friends, you know that it was either toughen up or leave. So you did what you had to do.


2. You understand boys better.

…or at least, you try to. Guys are confusing and hard to deal with at times. Having an older brother has helped prepare you for what guys may be like.


3. He taught you how to be patient.

The pranks and jokes are never ending and can be pretty annoying at times. As annoyed as you might have been, you are thankful for those times because through those annoyances you learned how to be patient.

4. He taught you how to compete.

My brother for sure gave me my competitive edge. When we were little, we’d go outside to play different sports or games for fun, but it’d always end up turning into an all out battle. It’s safe to say our competitive side usually got the best of us.


5. He will always protect you.

You can expect that if a guy breaks your heart, your brother will break his face. Your big brother cares about you and won’t let anyone hurt you.

6. He’s always got your back, and you’ve got his.

If I ever was in a situation and needed help, no doubt the first person I’d call is my big brother. He’s always there to listen to me and offer his advice, but then he’s also there when I’ve completely screwed up and need his help. He’s my go-to person.


7. You can help teach him a thing or two about women.

This comes without saying, but men obviously have a hard time understanding women. Those times that your brother may be struggling with a girl, you’re there to help him. Luckily, this also works the other way around. Your big brother can provide some solid guidance about the men in your life.

8. He teaches you what’s cool.

From a young age, I’d watch my older brother to see what he did just so I could copy him. I mean if he’s always throwing up the peace sign, then that must be the cool thing to do, right? Right.


9. You’ll always be there for each other.

There is no relationship like a big brother, little sister relationship. You’ll always be there for each other through thick and thin. He’s been in your life since the day you were born so you truly cannot function without him. Your big brother is your forever friend.

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