5 People You Meet While Tailgating a Kenny Chesney Concert

“All we need is a sunny day an old tailgate and we’ll escape reality.”

Tailgating a Kenny Chesney concert is flat out the best. Nothing beats a summer day with your crew throwing back brews, making memories. It is the perfect way to let loose and forget about life for a while. I’m already ready for those summer days to come back.

Here are 5 People You Will Meet While Tailgating a Kenny Chesney Concert

A man and a woman

1. I’m just here for the Booze!

You will see this guy a lot. Kenny is the perfect intro to Country music for outsiders that claim they “listen to anything but country.” Between his Jimmy Buffet meets Pop sound and epic partying scene, it is very easy to convince even the most skeptical of friends to give it a shot.
Hell, I’ll admit it, I was that person that hated country music, and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a cowboy hat and flannel in the middle of an RV filled parking lot. However, when I spent an afternoon in the lot of AT&T Park with my high school friends days after graduation, I was hooked. And 10 plus concerts later, there isn’t a day of the year I look forward to more than Kenny.

2. Tailgating rookie

As I’ll get to later, most Kenny fans do not mess around when it comes to their tailgate setup. But there is a first time for everything, and you can spot these people right away. They are the ones that figure since the concert starts at 7, we’ll show up at 5 and beat the rush, nope that’s not how this works. If the gates open at noon, the vets show up at 11 to ensure the best spots leaving these newbies confused, overwhelmed, and looking for a place to park.

Other ways to spot these rookies include not bringing anywhere near enough beer, no games, and Subway footlongs instead of grilling hot dogs. But if you find yourself with a crappy first time tailgate not to worry, Kenny fans are so friendly you will be sure to meet some cool people and sneak away some cold ones.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

3. The Overachievers

Like I said, most people take tailgating extremely serious. But then there are select few that take it to an uncomfortable level.

Given the island sound of Kenny’s music, there’s always that one guy that brings his full beach house to the parking lot in the middle of a big city. We aren’t just taking beach chairs, but inflatable palm trees, baby pools that double as the beer cooler, and even sand!
While this sounds all well and good, can you imagine the clean up after the show?! The last thing I want to do after drinking, sweating, and singing all day is deal with all that mess. Nevertheless, you are bound to see this guy and will likely laugh over a few beers.

4. The Lifers

These people have been with Kenny since his first greatest hits album in the 90s. They are likely older than your parents, but are partying harder than you. You’ll likely see these folks wearing an old from the 2003 Margaritas N’ Senioritas tour. If you have a chance, wander over to their tailgate because they will probably have “classy” beer and killer eats.

5. The Shotgunner

You wanna shotgun?! This guy (or girl!) is going all out to get as blitzed as possible as soon as possible. To do that, they try to drag the whole crew into to a group shotgun about every 15 min. While one or two is fun in the beginning, when it comes to shotgunning one more is always one too many. And often, the shotgunner taps out at around 7 before he even heads into the show (happened to a buddy, not me).

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock