A New Southern Reality Show Is Headed to the Small Screen and We’ve Got the First Exclusive

Bar life and country music…A Whiskey Riffer’s favorite things.

Welcome to Remerton, a small town located in Valdosta, Georgia. If you’ve heard of it, you’re either from Georgia or follow the next wave of up and coming country singers. Remerton is home to the Bluewater Saloon, which has been a venue for many famous country artists on their way up to the top. This small town of 146 acres is about to be put on the map in a big way. A new reality show called ‘On The Rocks’, created by Heath Cox and produced by Cold Feet Films,  is shedding some light on the bar lifestyle and what happens behind the scenes to keep the party life alive.

A group of people in the snow

Heath Cox

When you think reality television, you think of forced situations where people are forced to live with each other, doing activities that not everyone can do, in a very unrealistic manner. ‘On The Rocks’ takes a new breath in reality as it follows Heath’s unique life, capturing the antics that come with running three competing bars, literally on the doorsteps of each other. Heath finally tells the stories that are blurred memories for most and sheds light on the drama, family bond, and good times that go behind running three competing bars. These three bars capture different lifestyles, Bluewater where live music is always found , Milltown Groove where dancing and DJ’s mix, and Flip Flops where the community meets the beach for drinks, all sit within a two-minute walk of each other making each night a fight for the crowd’s attention. Heath acts as a father figure to these bars managers, employees, artists and now the cast of ‘On The Rocks’.

A black coffee maker on a counterDylan Scott plays to a packed house at Bluewater

Heath is originally from Macon, Georgia and attended Georgia Southern University where he became interested in the bar life. When he opened Flip Flops in 2006 he quickly realized his talent for the bar lifestyle and providing a much desired nightlife for a humble southern town.

 “All of that has snowballed my decade on the Remerton Strip living life on the rocks.  Things definitely get a little crazy sometimes here, especially when your life revolves around nightlife. It’s nothing that I haven’t ever been able to handle, but always keeps me on my toes. I’m hoping that this gives us the opportunity to actually show the public what goes into owning/managing blue collar bars, rather than what the common conception is. From the drama, to entertainment, to staff, to inventory all the way up to drunken patrons and rowdy clientele. There’s always more than meets the eye when it comes to bars, and that’s what I’m here to show. But I would be a liar to tell you that we don’t know how to have a good time as well! One thing my bunch FOR SURE knows how to do is cut loose and have a good time when doors are closed! CHEERS!” -Heath Cox

A man and a womanHeath and old friend, Cole Swindell

And yes, one of the focuses of the show is on up and coming country artists that we here at Whiskey Riff write about. I can’t say who they are yet, but trust me, if you follow us at all, and enjoy new artists who are headed to the top, you’ll love who is heading to the stage in ‘On The Rocks’. We’ll see a lot of country due to Cox’s country music background, but he manages to appeal to all music goers as he books DJ’s, Rappers, and solo artists as well, making sure he encompasses all forms of entertainment that goes into the night lifestyle. As you join us in a journey down this famed Remerton strip, you will notice that you bounce from one world to another, from atmosphere, to music, to drinks, to crowd…each one is a world in itself.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster ovenHeath and Tyler Farr at a show

 What also makes this show unique is the production and film company behind the cameras. Cold Feet Films is a company based out of Atlanta made up of six members who are ready to bring something new to TV. Cold Feet Films started with six best friends that grew up together sharing the same dream. The fascination with film and all of its creative freedom captivated all of the Cold Feet Films fellas. When the time for college came, they went separate ways and tackled different aspects of film at different colleges around the country. Finally when they graduated, they set off with the aim of making their childhood dream come to life, and so Cold Feet Films (CFF) was created. CFF is a film company that is capable of tackling any genre of film, producing a multitude of music videos, and creating commercials for businesses of all sorts. They pride themselves on being a flexible, affordable, and professional film making company that refuses to get cold feet from any project they are tasked with. Within the first couple of months of forming their company, they quickly gained recognition and a sizeable client base that has allowed CFF to grow at an unimaginable rate. CFF is a company that is built on the foundation of relationships, and that strong relationship mentality is seen very clearly in the way they treat every client.

I headed down to Remerton during Valdosta State University’s homecoming week to catch Blaire Hanks and Russell Dickerson’s show at Bluewater and had the opportunity to chat with Heath and a few members of the Cold Feet Films crew. They were in town for the open casting calls to find the next Cowboy from Redneck Island or Snooki from Jersey Shore. The show is still in the early phases, as they just finished up their casting and they are going to be back in Remerton to start filming during November and December. Cox and Cold Feet Films are very excited because they finally get the chance to bring something that has never been done before on television, and in doing so actually ENCOURAGE people to make a trip down to Remerton and partake in festivities with them! You want to be at the bars while filming? Come on down have a good time and get your drinking game on, because in the end everything’s better on the rocks.

Stay tuned because we’re all access to this show and will be back with exclusive video content, cool interviews, photos and more as it progresses. Make sure to follow ‘On The Rocks’ on Facebook for more information.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock