50th Annual CMA Awards Drinking Game

What makes the CMA Awards even more entertaining? Alcohol. Duh.

This is the official CMA Award drinking game for the 50th Annual CMA Awards airing tonight.


Take a drink every time…

  • Carrie Underwood has an outfit change.

  • someone makes a joke about the election.

  • Luke Bryan shakes his ass.

  • the winner thanks their family and God.

  • Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley’s co-hosting chemistry makes you think they should have a sitcom together.

  • someone mentions Luke Bryan’s ass.

  • the camera goes to someone’s completely unamused face after a joke.

  • there is a controversial joke and it gets awkward.

  • someone messes up their lines.

Cheers to country music then take a drink if you get chills at any point throughout the show.

Chug your beer if Eric Church doesn’t get an award all night.

Then go chug another one is Chris Stapleton doesn’t either.

Now get your drunk ass to bed.

Whiskey Riff is the most entertaining country site…ever.