Where Is Sam Hunt?

Superstar, lightning rod for conversation, and hit-maker Sam Hunt has been very quiet lately.

He just performed his “last run of the year” for Carnival Cruise Line, and is apparently growing that beard back out. Is new music coming? Yes.


Sam has been VERY light on the social media posts lately, except for one strange post…The following was recently uploaded as his new Facebook cover photo. Knowing Sam and the creativity he brings, it’s definitely a sign of new music coming. What does it mean? Hell if I know.

His new cover photo…


Hunt admits he feels the pressure to get new music out, because of the Nashville machine and it stating the timelines of how long an artist should wait between albums. However, Sam won’t be following those rules. He’s only going to put out the music when it’s right, when it’s where he wants it to be. For that, you gotta give the guy credit. He’s currently writing, and getting that second album ready.

This sophomore album will be the most anticipated follow-up project in recent country music memory.

How about a throwback to Sam’s “Bottle It Up” acoustic performance? Enjoy.

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