Tyler Farr Shoots Straight On Marriage – “I’m Getting Married Once, No Prenup”

Tyler Farr is laying it down some hard truth about marriage and I love it. From not getting a prenup to the details of the wedding itself, Tyler Farr knows whats up.

Here were some of my favorite quotes about his recent marriage to Hannah Freeman on October 10th.


1. In the music business, that’s a standard, but if I need a prenup, I don’t need to be getting married.

What’s mine is yours. It’s a partnership.

2. “I’m getting married one time and that’s it.”

Marriage is supposed to be forever. I lifetime commitment.

3. “The only way this is going to end is if she leaves me — and if she leaves me, I deserved it.”

Not giving up, no matter what the circumstance.

4. “I cried at pretty much every part of the wedding. That was the first time probably 98 percent of people in that room have ever seen me cry.”

Respect. I know I’ll be the same way.

5. “I was on his bus and he showed me the video and I just teared up. That song was amazing and I want to surprise my fiancée with something really special. Would you come and play this song for our first dance?”

He said this of Brad Paisley’s song “Today.” It’s truly a beautiful song.

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Via People.com

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