If Granger Smith Isn’t Already On Your Playlist Then You’re Missing Out On One Of The Best

Texas native, Granger Smith, is one of the best artists country music has seen in years.

Smith sticks to his roots and makes that clear through his music and his performances which feature his alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr. I can genuinely say that after his concert this past summer, he jumped to the top of my favorite artist list. His stage presence along with live vocal ability is hard to find. He then proved himself once again when I saw him in Fort Wayne, IN on Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour. Smith’s most recent album release, Remington, included a few of his most popular songs like “Backroad Song” and “If The Boot Fits” which both took him soaring in the right direction.


If you haven’t been a fan or really listened to Smith, you’re missing out. Good news is I’ve got all his music and information linked in this article so you can catch up to this bandwagon. Listen to his entire album through and I guarantee if you’re actually listening, you will suddenly find yourself claiming to be his number one fan. He’s one of those guys who is hard not to love.

A plus to being a Granger Smith fan is that you can officially hoot and holler “YEE YEE” as much as you want to and as often as you can. Go get your Granger gear at his shop: HERE. I got myself a YeeYee hat and it’s to this day still one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. (While you’re at it, go ahead and get yourself a Whiskey Riff hat too). 


Check out his Remington album here on Spotify:

Check out his Dirt Road Driveway album here on Spotify:

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