20 Tim McGraw Classics That Will Take You Back And Never Get Old

Tim McGraw is a legend.

It’s crazy to think about how long he’s been around and how many of his songs are now classics. These songs never get old, in fact from time to time you can hear them blaring in the late hours of the night at the fraternity parties on campus. Everyone loves them and they can’t deny it.

1. “Live Like You Were Dying”

2. “Something Like That”

3. “Please Remember Me”

4. “Just To See You Smile”

5. “My Best Friend”

6. “Indian Outlaw”

7. “My Next Thirty Years”

8. “Don’t Take The Girl”

9. “Down On The Farm”

10. “I Like It, I Love It”

11. “Where The Green Grass Grows”

12. “The Cowboy In Me”

13. “Red Ragtop”

14. “She’s My Kind Of Rain”

15. “Real Good Man”

16. “Watch The Wind Blow By”

17. “Last Dollar (Fly Away)”

18. “Southern Voice”

19. “Better Than I Used To Be”

20. “Not A Moment Too Soon”

Most of these classics can be found on this Spotify “McGraw (The Ultimate Collection)”. 



A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock