6 Ways Jason Aldean’s “First Time Again” Perfectly Sums Up A Heartbreak

Jason Aldean‘s most recent album, They Don’t Know, is what I had expected from Aldean and more.

There’s a song on this album for just about everything- partying, tailgates, date night drives with your girl, and heartbreak. It’s got you covered.


1. “The mention of your name. That’s all it takes. My heart re-breaks. My whole world shakes.”

Just coming out of a relationship into the aftermath that it brings is tough. What makes it so hard is every little thing reminds you of them. Just the sound of their name can instantly make your heart swell up and break again.

2. “And it’s flashback driveway pouring rain. Nothing I could do nothing I can say to slow you down.”

The flashbacks will kill you. You remember every little moment, good and bad from your entire relationship. The confusion and emotions from how it all ended rush over you. What stings the most is the fact that you couldn’t change any of it.

3. “It’s like the first time watching you walk away, begging baby please just stay. Feeling every second of the clock tick by on an endless night.”

You did everything you could to try and make them stay but they left anyway. One of the worst parts of a heartbreak is how the second your heart breaks, time suddenly starts moving in slow motion. Each day seems endless and tomorrow looks hopeless because your heart hurts so bad (but trust me, it’s not).

4. “The first time seeing you with someone new, dying inside trying to play it cool. It don’t matter how long it’s been, I’m always missing you for the first time again.”

After a breakup, you’ll be sad for a while, then you might get over it for a while, and then one day you’ll finally feel like you have your life back together. The hard part will come when you see them with someone else. No matter how much you’ve “moved on”, it’s still going to hurt a little when you see them with someone new. It’s hard to see someone who used to love you, love someone else in that same way. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, it hurts.

5. “Yeah, it could start with an old song. The feeling you come on. It could be at a party seeing everybody.”

For me personally, music is what gets me the most. I love music for the way it makes me feel understood. There’s a song for everything. One aspect that makes break ups more difficult is when you hear that one song that always reminds you of them. It’s hard because with that song comes a full wave of emotions. Hopefully one day that song will come on and you won’t think of them.

Side note: Thomas Rhett’s song “The Day You Stop Looking Back” sums this point up.”Now and then it’s gonna stir up when you hear that old song. But don’t let it get to ya baby it’s only three and a half minutes long.”

6. “Oh, the first time again. It don’t let up it don’t get better. Hell it just might last forever. It all takes me back, it all takes me back.”

At first it will seem like every single part of your life reminds you of them. It’s frusterating because as much as you try to forget, you can’t because they seem to show up everywhere. The begining of a breakup is the hardest part and even when it seems hopless it’s not.

One day someone will come along and you’ll realize why it didn’t work with anyone else. 

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