6 Takeaways From Brad Paisley’s New Single “Today”

Brad Paisley has a way with words.

Through his music, he always manages to portray his message clearly and beautifully through his words. He’s done it before and just recently he did it again. Paisley just released his song and video for “Today”. After watching the video and listening to the song one time through, I was in tears. It really made me think about living for today, while also reminding me to hold onto those special memories from the past.

Here are 6 takeaways I had from Paisley’s recent single “Today”…

1. “When I am sitting in traffic some afternoon 0r bored to death in some waiting room. I am gonna close my eyes and picture you, today.”

Life is rough at times. Dealing with little things like sitting in afternoon traffic, to big things like family struggle or loss, become so much easier to deal with when you just close your eyes and picture that special someone.

2. “You keep brushing that hair back out of your eyes and it just keeps falling and so do I. I am feeling like the luckiest man alive, today.”

Brad just has a way with words. Through lyrics like “you keep brushing your hair back out of your eyes and it just keeps falling and so do I he demonstrates his love. It’s the little things that will make you feel like the luckiest person in the world.

3. “And I don’t know about tomorrow. Right now the whole world feels right and the memory of a day like today can get you through the rest of your life.”

What I loved about this song is the first time I listened to it through I immediately flashed back to a day in the past. The day that I went back to was the kind of day Brad says will get you through the rest of your life. It was a perfect day with the perfect company. For you, it could be the day you knew that you were going to marry that girl, it could be the day your dad came back from serving our country, it could be the day all your dreams came true. Whatever your day is, hold on to those memories because that’s what will get you through whatever tomorrow brings.

4. “I know it won’t always be like this. Life can change as quick as a kiss. It’s not over yet and I already miss today.”

You never know what tomorrow might bring. Live in the moment and apreciate the time you have with one another. Life can change within seconds so don’t take where you’re at now for granted.

5. “And as the seasons change and time goes by. When your hair is gray and so is mine I know for sure that you’re gonna be just as beautiful as you are to me today.”

True love surpasses all physical beauty, infauation, and time. You’re going to love that person for the rest of your life. Time and looks should never change that. Together the two of you can conquer life’s ups and downs.

6. “Bring on tomorrow. I’ve got today. Bring on tomorrow. Right now the whole world is right. Bring on tomorrow because the memory of a day like today can get your through the rest of your life.”

Bring it on life. Tomorrow might not be as amazing as today but it’s going to be okay because of who you have by your side. Your love can overcome any battle you face. Live for today and never forget that one special day.

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