Elle King Wants to Put Out a Country Album

And we’re not opposed.

Earlier this month, Elle made her Opry debut following the release and wild success of her “Different for Girls” duet with Dierks Bentley. She’s made her name as an alt-pop singer, but her recent experiences at the top of the country singles chart has made her reflect on her country roots, enough that we might be in for a whole new Elle on her next record.

“I write a lot of country songs, and I enjoy writing country music, because it brings out a different type of voice for me. I write a lot of heartbreak songs … I like to sing about getting drunk and getting my heart broken.” Right up our alley, Elle.

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“I would love nothing more than to put out a country album. I put out a pop-rock album – I did that. This record cycle is coming to a close and I’m about to make Album 2. It’ll be interesting to see how this change affects me. Because everything affects you as a musician.”

Elle is up for her first CMA Award this year for Musical Event of the Year for “Different for Girls” and says”It’s something that is really special that shows an awesome effort I made with a new friend. It’s evidence that what we made really is cool.”

“I walk into the CMAs this year with my head pretty high, proud of representing a great song – and I have her next to me, so I feel like a rock star,” Dierks added.

AWW. They are the cutest. We’ll be routing for them at the CMA Awards on November 2nd.

Check out this clip of the dynamic duo at the Opry, performing their song, and Johnny and June’s ‘Jackson’:

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