Luke Combs Blows Nashville Away With Sold Out Show

Guy is headed straight to the top.

Luke Combs blew Nashville away with a sold out show at Exit/In last night and everybody is talking about it. Ray Fulcher got the crowd going with his country as dirt sound and killer set. The man of the hour came on and things got even rowdier. “The great part about playing here in Nashville is that a lot of my friends that I wrote these songs with are here in the room with me tonight and I want to say a huge thank you to those people because these songs wouldn’t be what they are without you guys and you know who you are,” Combs said to thank so many of his song writer friends who showed up strong for him. Gotta love how supportive these musicians are of each other. Check out this clip of the crowd singing Combs’ hit “Hurricane” back to him. Chills man, chills.

I can only imagine what it feels like to play a show like that in Music City, which can either make or break your dreams. I think we are all in agreement that Combs’ dreams are making it.

Video courtesy of Bo Martinovich.

Photo by Bo Ibbotson.

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A beer bottle on a dock