Russell Dickerson’s “MGNO” Is A Party Starter

Get up and get movin’.

Russell Dickerson is in the middle of his headling Yours Tour and he’s stepping the party up with his song “MGNO”. That stands for “My Girls Night Out” and it’s the most upbeat song on his Yours, EP. He’s ready to take his girl on the town and treat her to a good time with this one. Dancin’, drinkin’ whiskey, partyin’ with your significant other, what more could you ask for on a night out?

Preview the song in this video from Russell’s Instagram and see what the VIP experience on the Yours Tour is like.

Check out the full version of “MGNO” below.

Yours Tour Dates
10.20 Birmingham, AL
10.21 Buford, GA
10.22 Valdosta, GA
11.4 Macon, GA
11.5 Savannah, GA
11.11 St. Louis, MO
11.12 Ames, IA
11.13 Lincoln, NE
11.18 Morgantown, WV
11.19 Charlotte, NC
12.2 St. Petersburg, FL
12.3 Orlando, FL
12.8 Peoria, IL
12.9 Landisng, MI
12.15 Columbia, SC
12.16 Charleston, SC

Photo & Video by Kailey Dickerson.