Every Girl Will Relate To “Free Drinks” By Faren Rachels

He ain’t no good for you.

“He’s about as good for me as free drinks all night long”. Now that’s a lyric that we girls can relate to. He starts out great and then things start to go wrong, and you know he’s no good for you. He’s hard to pass up, just like free drinks. Worth it in the moment, and then the hangover from hell the next day reminds you he’s not good for you. “Free Drinks” by Faren Rachels has got that catchy beat and lyrics that will make you go “well damn, that sounds familiar” and have you humming it all day long.

Faren Rachels is a female voice in Nashville who is doing the damn thing. If this song is an indication of what is to come with her upcoming EP than I can’t wait. We definitely like it, Faren. Give “Free Drinks” a listen below.


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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock