Read The Hilarious State Of Country Music Address From Donald Trump

Donald Trump addressed the nation on the state of country music the other night.

This is the complete transcript.


Good Evening

This is a great country. It’s a great land. It was founded on country music. Great country music, tremendous country music.

I have gotten to know the people of this great country and country music fans over the past year and my whole concept was to make country music great again. When I listen to what’s on the radio, when I listen to some horrible things, some bad things and when I look at how much potential, tremendous potential we have in this great country of music, we’re going to make good deals, sign good artists, tremendous artists, we’re gonna have strong songwriters, producers, we’re going to do things that have never been done before.

I want to make country music great again in our inner cities for the African-American citizens that are so great and for the Latinos, the Hispanics, which so many love me and love country music. We have very stupid people leading country music, bad people, with poor judgement, making bad deals, horrible deals, releasing bad songs, it’s insane.

William Michael Morgan just put out a great album, a tremendous album, you should all go listen to it right now. It’s great, just ask anybody and they’ll tell you I think it’s great. It’s the most incredible thing.

There’s a guy named Chris Stapleton. The radio refuses to cover. If you look at the charts he’s winning, but the crooked radio people, they’re just bad guys folks who won’t play it. It’s really a shame. They’re very dishonest people. People want to hear the truth though. I tell the truth. 

I’ll tell you what, I know the greatest country music singers in the world and I wrote a book on it called “The Art of Country Music,” you should should read it, it’s a great book, but more importantly, we’re spending millions and billions each year on radio tours that don’t work, we’re sending our jobs overseas to Australia with guys like Keith Urban and our songwriters are not being paid a fair wage. We make bad deals. We make bad deals with labels and managers who are ripping us and killing our songwriters. We’re actually buying our label executives steak dinners. Can you believe that? You can beat them if you’re smart. I’m smart. I win.

When you go into these studios they’re a disaster. The wires don’t work, we have 44 year old phones and the people working there can’t hear. It’s so stupid that the people in Nashville are doing this. Can you imagine the great Merle Haggard or the great Johnny Cash doing things like this. It’s incredible. Our borders are a mess. Artists from Texas are pouring into Nashville in record numbers. It’s a mess, a complete disaster. I have a plan to secure the borders that will bring country music jobs back to the people of Nashville.

I want to make country music great again. I love country music so much. It’s a wonderful thing. Right now, it’s a disaster, but we’re gonna make it great again. My plan is a great plan, I’m very proud of my plan, I’m proud of the people, great people, smart people we got working on my plan to make country music great again. It’s so important, one of the most important things we can do. We need a change, a very big change. I say this every night, but we’re going to make country music great again. It’s so true. I’m working for the fans of country music, I’m not working for anybody else.

Thank you very much

– The Donald

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