LISTEN: Kip Moore Releases New Music For The Diehards, Debuts “My Kind”

Kip continues to prove that he doesn’t know how to write a bad song.

“My Kind” was released today in anticipation of the Underground EP set for release 10/28 (pre-order here). This EP is for the diehard fans (which we unapologetically are here). “My Kind” is the type of song real men out there are gonna rally behind, similar to songs of the past like Eric Church’s “Guys Like Me.”

The beat and tempo of this song is so good, so catchy, it’s almost not fair…

Kip Moore’s Undergound EP Track Listing:

1. “All Time Low” (Kip Moore, Westin Davis, Luke Dick)
2. “My Kind” (Kip Moore, Erik Dylan, Justin Weaver)
3. “Midnight Slow Dance (Live)” (Kip Moore, Mike Elizondo, Dan Couch)
4. “Separate Ways (Live)” (Kip Moore, Jordyn Mallory, Dan Couch)
5. “My Baby’s Gone (Live)” (Kip Moore, William Rinehart, Nathaniel Rinehart)

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock