The Healthy Ice Cream Brand That Is Taking America By Storm


When I first heard of Halo Top – the healthy (and yes I actually mean healthy) ice cream brand, I thought it was too good to be true. I’ve tried all those “healthy” ice cream substitutes and they always wound up just tasting like a pint of flavored ice chips. Yuck. No thank you.

So when I discovered Halo Top was sold at a grocery store near me, I decided to test it out.



I mean seriously, it was so good I finished the whole freaking pint in approximately 30 seconds. With any other ice cream brand, I would probably feel a little guilty for eating the whole thing, but with Halo Top, the whole pint is typically under 300 calories! (YES PLEASE!)

So yea, the past couple months I’ve been throwing a few pints in my cart every time I feel an ice cream craving coming on (highly recommend lemon cake and birthday cake) and loving every creamy, delicious and healthy bite.

Then Halo Top came out of nowhere and flipped my world upside down all over again. This month, they came out with ten, TEN new flavors. (on October 10th, 10.10 – that’s some genius marketing right there)


These flavors include: pistacchio, black cherry, oatmeal cookie, cookie dough, s’mores, peanut butter cup, salted caramel, chocolate almond, red velvet and cookies and cream.


I have already tried the peanut butter cup and the red velvet and let me tell ya, they’re to die for. (honestly might go pick up another pint after I’m done typing this).

Because of their deliciousness, healthy ingredients and cute as sh*t packaging, they’re quickly gaining a loyal and loving fan base. This means people are always getting super creative with the ice cream, loading it up with other healthy ingredients (or not so healthy, whatever) and spreading ideas all around the internet.



With the recent call for boycotts of Ben & Jerry’s by a large population of ice cream lovers, Halo Top is more of a God send than ever. Seriously, we are #blessed to have this stuff in our grocery stores.

Speaking of, find a grocery store near you that sells the stuff, and thank me later.

In the meantime, I’m about to post this article, grab my keys and get me a pint of this heavenly treat. I mean for real, when I picture the gates of Heaven, it looks a lot like Aisle 12.


UPDATE: Got the oatmeal cookie. God Bless America.