20 Must-Hear Life Lessons From Jake Owen’s “The Journey Of Your Life”

Jake Owen sitting in a train

I love country music.

One of the main reasons is that many of the songs have a positive message that you can apply to your life and come out with some solid life lessons.

Jake Owen’s “The Journey Of Your Life” is about a dying man passing along his wisdom to his grandson. There’s a lot of great advice in this song, so take notes. You’re gonna need this on the journey of your life.

1. Find your hero.

2. Everybody needs a good dog.

3. Learn how to fix things for yourself.

4. Healing is part of life.

5. Make your house a home.

6. Be flexible.

7. Stand against evil.

8. Recognize your angels.

9. You’ll need some good luck.

10. Read your Bible. Especially your Bible.

11. Keep the faith.

12. Find a good woman/man to love.

13. Be a shoulder to lean on.

14. Know where to draw your line.

15. Take your losses and turn them into wins.

16. Know when to give in.

17. Laugh. A lot.

18. Don’t take life too seriously.

19. Never forget how you were raised.

20. Pay attention to the simple things.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock