Lady Gaga Performs in Nashville and Premieres a Country Song?

Gaga in a cowboy hat, a sight we never could have anticipated.

Lady Gaga kicked off her Dive Bar Tour at The 5 Spot in Nashville, where she performed four new songs including what many are calling a country ballad, “Million Reasons.” She did write the song with Hillary Lindsay, a Nashville songwriter who has worked with names like Carrie Underwood, so we have to give her some country credit whether or not you believe Gaga could pull off a country song.

“I’m probably one of [Lindsay’s] biggest fans as a songwriter. I think she is amazing. It’s only so many times in your life that you hear a song that really changes things for you,” Gaga explained. “When I heard ‘Jesus, Take the Wheel,’ I was like, OK. Some people look at it as a song written for an American Idol, Carrie Underwood, who is wonderful. But when you’re a songwriter listening to a song, you hear something else. I heard that song and wow.”
She’s also crediting Americana influences on her new LP Joanne and says “there is an American element — a pride. In what we love about America. Things that have lasted a long time. Classics in America,” which we can definitely get behind.

Country track or not, you can’t deny Gaga’s unbelievable talent.

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