The 10 Most Underrated Artists In Country Music

During a recent drive to Ohio from Chicago it seemed as though the same five country songs played on repeat when it came to country radio.

It’s a shame. Call them underrated, underappreciated, overlooked, or simply too good to care, these super talents do it their way when it comes to country music.

My 10 most underrated artists today are…

10. The Cadillac Three

I’ve never felt like my face was closer to being melted off than the times I’ve seen these guys live. It’s rock ‘n roll, it’s country, it’s soul, it’s music.


9. Mickey Guyton

Is that Carrie Underwood singing? No, it’s Mickey Guyton. One of the best female voices in country music. Period.


8. Charlie Worsham

Plain and simple, one of the most insanely talented guys out there. He’s such a unique artist. Where people get annoyed with “all country sounding the same” – Charlie does the exact opposite. He’s old school, and new school. Nobody quite like him.


7. Cody Johnson

Three words: God. Bless. Texas.


6. Jason Isbell

Do me a favor tonight if you’ve never listened to Isbell. Pour yourself a drink, and listen to every song he’s recorded. Then, punch yourself in the face for not being a fan sooner.


5. Brandy Clark

Other artists know how special Brandy is, and I hope fans of those artists will soon as well. She’s written hits for everyone from Miranda Lambert to Darius Rucker. Her writing ability is on another level and she can sing too.


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