If Tim McGraw’s “How I’ll Always Be” Was About Your Average Guy

Tim McGraw wearing a hat

Tim McGraw ain’t average.

Ask the ladies, and they’ll tell you he was sculpted by the Gods, and given a voice to go along with it. From a guy’s perspective, he’s a man’s man. He works out, grills, doesn’t take no bullshit.

I LOVE his new single, “How I’ll Always Be.” It reminds me of some of his stuff from 10-15 years ago. I started thinking about the song, and how it would go if it were about your average dude in 2016.

A blue and white can of soda

19. I leave all the kitchen cabinets open.

18. I leave the toilet seat up.

17. I don’t plan things well.

16. I don’t stand for pregnant women on the train.

15. I don’t know what chivalry means.

14. I wear flip flips too often.

13. I have no idea what a fitted suit is.

12. I don’t buy my girl enough flowers.

11. I spend too much time on dating apps.

10. I can’t cook.

9. I wear too many accessories.

8. I’m afraid to show my sensitive side.

7. My style sucks.

6. I order a burger on a lettuce wrap.

5. I drink 18 beers when I should drink 2.

4. I use too many emojis.

3. I can’t change a flat tire.

2. I take selfies.

1. I talk a big game, but don’t back it up.

Now, how Tim will always be…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock