What’s With All These Religiously Themed Love Songs Lately?

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I’m seeing a trend in country music and a rather confusing one.

Country love songs, filled with religious lyricism, that remind us of something we’d sing in church rather than at a country concert. I don’t pretend to be as so naive as to not understand why. They use religiously relatable terms, reverent terms and most importantly, exclusive terms in order to manipulate the listener into identifying these love songs with something deeper and nearer to the heart. Either way, it doesn’t quite sit well with me.

Here are some examples:

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1. “H.O.L.Y.” –  Florida Georgia Line

“H.O.L.Y.” is undoubtedly the most famous of the four and for good reason. It’s catchy as hell, incredibly spiritual, and ultimately paints the picture of God’s role in marriage. On the other hand, the chorus makes it sound like a worship song about his wife and how he was ultimately “saved” by her. Dare I say, borderline sacrilegious?

2. “Amen” – Hunter Hayes

Don’t get me wrong, answered prayers can come in the form of a significant other, but Hunter Hayes’ new tune “Amen” likens his understanding of God to what he’s found in a girl. She’s not your God bro.

“I’d read the verse. It never made sense until right now, You’re kissing like the healing wind. Holy water on my skin, The way you saved me baby it makes me feel like, I’ve been touched by heaven.”

Another example “Hallelujah, Amen, I was saved by her love” type of song.

3. “Light It Up” – Dierks Bentley

This one is mostly about the words used, as opposed to the message of the song.

“Stained glass Sunday morning” / “Filled my heart with a million amazing graces” / “Your voice is like a choir” / “You bid the dark, With all your truth and all your glory” / “When my soul needs an angel’s touch, You light it up”

That’s a lot of “church words” in one song about a girl.

4. “God Loves Me More” – LOCASH

This one is the most puzzling. You’re basically saying that God loves you more because he gave you a good girl who actually tolerates you? I’d hardly call this theologically accurate and on a common sense level, I don’t recommend you pulling out the guitar and singing this one to your girl as a token of your affection. It’s just stupid.

Perhaps, I take this a little too seriously or perhaps, not seriously enough. I suppose it’s simply a matter of perspective. Either way, I don’t have anything against these songs and two of them I really really like. I just find it kind of manipulative, a little bit corny and borderline disrespectful to take these Christian ideals, which many in the world have defined their lives by, and dumb them down to describe your feelings for a significant other. Just something I’ve seen trending lately.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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