Traditional Country Music Has Topped The Charts Once Again, It’s Coming Back…

Traditional country music is on its way back.

In a recent interview with the Dallas Observer, George Strait said:

“I don’t see a lot of my influence out there in country music today, out there being played on the radio,” Strait said, chuckling. “The country music scene is always changing, and the music is always changing. I’ve seen the pendulum swing this way and back this way. It’s very country, and then not so country. I think right now it’s kind of trending back to more traditional country music, which is what I like and I like to do. So I’m glad to see that. But I can’t put anybody down for having success in the business, which is just tough … I’m not saying I have to like it, but I just know how tough it is.”

The most mainstream eye-opening example of traditional making a comeback was Jon Pardi’s “Head Over Boots” hitting #1 just last month. Was it a fluke? No way. Listen to that album, go to one of his shows, talk to his fans, and you will know this is just the beginning.

Now, newcomer William Michael Morgan has his first #1 with “I Met A Girl.” The song it pure country, through and through. People have compared it to a George Strait song, actually. And, to many folks’ suprise, the hit was written by non other than Sam Hunt.

So, now we must ask ourselves, is the traditional country sound making a comeback? After Stapleton’s recent success, guys like Pardi and WMM, the answer is without a doubt, YES. There’s room for everyone in country, and for me, I’m really excited to hear the sounds I grew up on, mixed with the new stuff, of course.

It’s a good thing, folks. It’s a good thing.

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A beer bottle on a dock