Exclusive Premiere: Your First Listen Of Troy Cartwright’s New “Don’t Fade” EP

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Introducing Texas native Troy Cartwright.

We’re bringing you an exclusive first listen to Troy’s brand new EP, Don’t Fade, prior to the official release this Friday, October 7th, complete with track-by-track commentary from Troy, himself.

Cartwright’s quality songwriting and exhilarating live performances were turning heads throughout the south, and that’s when Cartwright caught the ear of fellow Texas songwriter Rob Baird, who offered to produce Don’t Fade with Brian Douglas Phillips at Phillip’s Austin-based Rattle Trap Studio.

“We spent three or four days in total at Rob’s house before we went into the studio because I had between 30-50 songs that I had written,” remembers Cartwright. “Rob and I went through each of them and pared the list down to figure out what made for a cohesive collection and what kind of sound we wanted to go after.”

The result was a collection of 5 new tracks you need to get your ears on immediately. With gritty vocals and compelling songwriting, Cartwright is a mixture of Will Hoge, Dierks Bentley and some rootsy Texas flare.

Track by Track Commentary:

Busted (T. Cartwright)
“This song came from a rocky patch in my personal relationship with my girl at the time. I flew to Denver to help my best friend drive his truck back to Dallas, and in the time I was in Denver, I messed things up with her even more. Not to mention, the AC went out in the truck in the Middle of West Texas. It was 115 degrees. It was, essentially, busted, and that was the catalyst for the song.”

Don’t Fade (T. Cartwright, Clint Daniels)
“This was a cowrite with Clint Daniels, and it was our first time meeting each other. For him, “Don’t Fade” was that he was watching his kid grow up, wishing he could freeze time for the little stuff like watching your kid play soccer. For me, it was just having this time with a girlfriend that you never want to end. You wish you could keep that feeling alive forever, and that’s how we came up with the premise.”

Nobody But You (T. Cartwright)
“That one I wrote about that moment when somebody leaves you. It doesn’t matter if your splitting of the ways was for the best or not, there always seems to be a point where you can’t escape that longing feeling.”

Never Coming Back (T. Cartwright, T. Graham)
“Ty (co-writer) was my next door neighbor at Berklee College of Music my freshman year. We always talked about girls and relationships when you’re that old it’s all pretty dramatic. When we sat down to write this song we had the idea for a story about this guy who kept leaving his significant ether and then getting back together over and over again.”

Arkansas (T. Cartwright) 
“My roommate in Dallas was at the U of A in Fayetteville, and he started dating this girl right before he graduated. We took this trip to go camping in the woods, I had that very specific idea. After 2 minutes of ambient noise, I heard it clearly because we spent days in the middle of nowhere listening to crickets chirp trying to figure out life. It’s a very honest song, though it’s not necessarily about me.”

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