Adam Craig Is A Country Artist Who Busted His A**, And Deserves Our Attention

Make this one a priority. This guy has fought hard to get where he is at.

Ever hear a song that just sticks with you? Or one that keeps popping up and you become obsessed with all over again when it does? That’s how you’ll be when you hear Adam Craig. He’s hooked me and once you hear him you’ll be hooked too. “Reckon” is just so catchy and sing along worthy. I can picture this guy on a stage with a huge crowd in front of him singing it back to him. His self-titled EP is a knock out and worth a listen. We’re big fans of this guy and know you will be too. If you look at our site for new artists to listen to make this one a priority. Check out my two favorite songs from his self-titled EP “Just A Phase” and “Reckon” below.

Keep up with Adam on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook . Pick up Adam’s debut self-titled EP on iTunes here.

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A beer bottle on a dock