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The Chances Of You Being Born You Are 1 in 400 Trillion, ACT LIKE IT

It’s hard to believe 2017 is fast-approaching.

The more technical this world becomes, the more obsessed we become with our phones, our status, our money, the less we realize how great we really have it. The vast majority of people bitch and moan about things that don’t matter. The fact you’re alive, healthy, and able to work is literally a miracle. Do you realize what has to happen for you to be born, and the chances you came out as you? The odds of you being born as you are about 1 in 400 trillion, or more. Take a second and think about that, and put a smile on your face, you fucking miracle you…

While we punch our desks for slow internet connection or a lousy hair day, let’s remember there are people out there that can’t eat, live under a bridge, die of disease, and will never know a life of prosperity.

Every year you age, you get wiser, even if you don’t feel it, or see it. You might be 30 and still lost, you might be 22 and think your life sucks. You have a choice, literally, to choose to be happy. To choose positivity. The one thing you have control over is hustle. If you want it, hustle, get it. Whatever that “it” may be. Unfortunately, people aren’t grateful like they used to be. And if we could be more grateful, you naturally become happier, and even more grateful for things to come. You woke up this morning? Be happy. Smile and be grateful.

A guy I look up to, Gary Vaynerchuk, talks often about regret. He says to go to a nursing home, and talk to folks in their 90s and look at the regret in their eyes. The wish that they had tried to start that business, to talk to their parents more, to laugh more, to spend more quality time with the people they love, to not sweat the small stuff, but to appreciate all you have, and even appreciate all you don’t have. When you see regret in a person’s eyes as death approaches, you see the realest version of pain.

Regardless of how difficult a time you may be going through, realize someone out there is going through more. Regardless of how hard you work, realize someone is working harder to take if from you. Life is fucking beautiful, even when it isn’t. No matter the shit hand you’re dealt, find the silver lining. Find the avenue in that tumultuous road to make it out better than you started. If you work hard, and treat people the right way good things will happen. I don’t care what it is you believe in; whether that be God, or karma, or aliens, working hard and treating people the right way will always have you getting to where you want to be. That goes for work, and relationships.

So, since you now know you’re actually a miracle, grab life by the balls and make it your bitch.

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