Chase Bryant Preps for New Record, Covers Brooks & Dunn in Nashville

This guy can freakin’ jam.

Chase Bryant has been teasing the hell out of us between the release of his new single ‘Room to Breathe’ and playing unreleased songs at his shows. On Tuesday night, Nashville got a sneak peak of what’s to come on his new record and my god, if you haven’t seen him live, get it on your calendar ASAP. He has yet to release a date or a track list for his new record, but I’m willing to bet it will include at least of few of the songs he’s been playing at his shows like ‘Secrets’, ‘Encore’, ‘Fire’, ‘Watcha Waitin’ For’ and ‘Summertime Saturday High.’

Catch a sneak peak of his opening song “Secrets” right here

And as if new music wasn’t enough to get Chase’s fans going wild, he covered Brooks and Dunns ‘Play Something Country’ and absolutely slayed it. Check out this clip

While we’re impatiently waiting for the rest of the record, somebody hit repeat on ‘Room to Breathe’

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