5 Reasons Every Guy Needs To Hear Kip Moore’s “Mary Was The Marrying Kind”

Kip Moore wearing a hat

We all have our own Mary.

That one that got away.

The one we overlooked and although I say it’s advice for guys, it really applies both ways. More importantly, this was the song that introduced me to Kip Moore and a life lesson that I’ll never forget.

Here’s why:

1. Easy doesn’t always mean good.

“Yeah, Jenny was the kind you could call up late for a date on a Friday night. Didn’t never matter how much I had to drink, she’d come and give me a ride”

When the “Jenny” type of girls/guys are an easy ticket to a good time, remember that most good things take time, hard work and patience. Hold out for something special. You deserve it.

2. The party gets old.

“Becky was a hell raising, dart throwing girl that could match me beer for beer.”

It’s fun for a while, but you don’t need more drinking buddies. You know it’s true.

3. Looks are never a primary reason to pursue someone.

“Miss Virginia sure was fine. but Mary was the marrying kind.”

Beauty fades. If they’re not really your type and you really don’t have much in common, but think they’re really hot, you should probably think again. Looks won’t sustain a relationship with someone you’re not right for.

4. Know your worth.

“She just laughed at my best lines, ’cause Mary was the marrying kind.”

Mary didn’t fall for that cheesy crap and deep down we don’t really want her to. Mary wasn’t the type to be “picked up” or seduced. She knew her value and made you earn it. Be that. Seek that.

5. Don’t overlook your Mary.

“Couldn’t see it at the time Oh Mary, Mary, how could I’ve been so blind.”

There are good people all around you. Don’t miss a really good person because it might not look like the latest Nicholas Sparks movie or whatever romantic fantasy you have in your mind.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock