If You’re A Luke Hater, The Farm Tour… Here’s to the Farmer EP Will Change Your Mind

Although a small minority, there are some rather vocal Luke Bryan haters out there.

Maybe you’re not a fan of his recent albums or his tight pants, but I urge you to take a listen to this EP. It’s solid gold.

The title track, “Here’s To The Farmer,” is an ode to all the hard working farmers out there that are busting their ass to put food on our table. Luke grew up on a peanut farm so trust me, he knows his sh*t.

The first song “I Do All My Dreamin’ There” is a groovy banger that is as country as they come. One listen to this catchy AF tune and you’ll be hooked.

“Southern Gentleman” pays homage to having some old fashioned manners. Southern or not, every lady wants a man that treats her with respect just like a southern gentleman.

Click here to download Luke’s Farm Tour EP on iTunes

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock