Time To Say Goodbye To Country Rock Band Mockingbird Sun

Leaving behind some seriously good music.

Nothing is more sad than seeing a good band calling it quits. Mockingbird Sun was a band of some cool guys that formed in Nashville and had a good sound. Their goodbye statement reads “What is it they say about all good things? Friends…the time has come for Mockingbird Sun to ride into the sunset. For the foreseeable future, we are no longer going to be creating music together or touring together. This has been a six year journey that began on the banks of the Cumberland River just north of Nashville, Tennessee where we first heard our voices together in harmony. It has been filled with just about every high and every low that a band can experience. Mockingbird Sun took the three of us all over the United States multiple times to play shows and we even got to see Japan, the Middle East, and Africa. Rather than going too deep into the specifics of why we aren’t continuing, we would just like to express how deeply grateful we are for the past six years and for the people that made it what it was. If you ever came to a show, we thank you. If you ever bought a record, we thank you. If you ever told a friend about us or wore one of our t-shirts, we thank you. To the musicians and friends that traveled the world with us, we thank you. If our music brought you joy, we thank you. If you’re reading this and you’re kind of bummed about it, thank you thank you thank you…You made it what it was. It was a joy to share our music and time with you. Thank you for giving so much to us. As we close this chapter we begin searching for the next. We hope that you will follow us in our individual efforts moving forward ( @charlieberrymusic @bretttaylormusic @struggleonmusic ) And if I haven’t said it enough….from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.”

Not much of an explanation as to why, but sometimes I guess it’s just time to move on. Their most popular song is so catchy and is a favorite of mine. Check out “Hey Mary” below.

RIP Mockingbird Sun.

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A beer bottle on a dock