‘Nashville’s’ Sam Palladio is a Singer-Songwriter in Real Life, And a Damn Good One

We know he can act as singer-songwriter Gunnar Scott on CMT’s Nashville, but you probably didn’t know he can actually put on one hell of a show playing his own tunes. The British heartthrob (Yes, he has an adorable British accent in real life) performed a set on Sunday night in Nashville where he previewed the songs that will be on his first EP. I can’t be the only one who has been waiting for this news since I first heard Sam sing on the first season of Nashville. He hasn’t set an official release date yet, but the EP will include all original songs and Sam says “I’ve been influenced by Americana and country while I’ve been here [in Nashville], but there’s a lot of rock in there.”

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“This job [on Nashville] has been such an incredible platform for me. It’s developed my music and my style,” said Sam. “I’m really close to my first record. The songs are done; I’ve been writing like crazy over the last few years. So I’m really excited to press the ‘go’ button on that, and in the next six months or so have people hear my original stuff.”

British guy who plays a southern country singer but is really an “indie-folk-rock” singer. I love it. And whether he’s singing on Nashville or jamming to his own music, his voice is killer. And you can be I’ll be waiting impatiently for that EP.

Check out two of his new songs that will be on the EP right here:

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