Luke Combs Is an Incredibly Important New Artist and Here’s Why

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The definition of a trailblazer. 

Luke Combs is a name you’ve probably heard a lot this year, either on the radio, on social media, our site, venues promoting his show, around Nashville, ect. You’ve either listened and become a big fan or you haven’t given him a chance yet for whatever reason.

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Luke is an important up and coming artist because he is doing this music thing his way and the right way. He started out singing in college and picked up a guitar in his early twenties (he’s only twenty six now). He got some hometown support and fans at school and released a couple EPs that are still fan favorites to this day. You’ll hear “Luke, Let the Moonshine!” or “Luke, Can I Get An Outlaw!” about six hundred times a show from his loyal and passionate fans. He left school and made the move to Nashville and has been doing the damn thing ever since. Fast forward just a year or two and guy has really taken off. Another reason Luke is an important artist is because he is signed with a brand new label. He is River House Artist’s first client. With a voice like his one can only imagine what labels went after him. But he went with Lynn Oliver-Cline and RHA because she believes wholeheartedly in him and he believes in her. I imagine big things for this pair and label.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

Luke is currently on the road for thirty-some days straight for his first time out West on the Corey Smith West Bound & Down tour. Guarantee there are people out there who are going to those shows just to see him, and he’ll reach Corey’s fan base too. Before that he was on the road Thursday-Saturday every week all over the South. This guy’s work ethic is out of this world. Just in the five months since I saw him live for the first time he has gone from playing Tin Roofs to selling out a 3,500 max capacity venue for a headlining show. That blows my mind. One of the biggest reasons he has grown so fast so quickly without releasing new music since last November, besides the power of social media, is the fact that after all of these shows he would go and hang out with his fans. He’d connect with them and that is what lights a fans fire and makes them want to tell all of their friends. He’s exactly the same person around everyone he meets, and that’s a big deal. He’s staying grounded but is confident in his ability.

Now as for his music itself, it’s music that will resonate with you. His song writing ability is not only clever and relatable, it is inspiring. The collection of songs on his last EP This One’s for You has a wide variety of songs. The standout and his biggest song to date “Hurricane” has hit over 13 MILLION streams on Spotify alone. “Hurricane” is currently number 46 on the iTunes Country Charts even though it was originally released in July of 2015. It’s creeping back up, getting radio play all over the country, even though it’s not a new song. I can only imagine what’s going to happen when his debut album releases. He’s got the label, dedicated management, grade A band, and the most supportive and loving fans, especially his day one fan family “The Bootleggers”.

Luke is a machine that can’t be stopped. A country music treasure whose voice can get you jacked up or bring you to tears. His album is going to spark a fire in your soul and you will be a fan for life. Artists like this are so important for our time where country music is changing and adapting. Luke is keeping it real and giving us not only fun and good music, but music that you can turn to in a time of need. And that is what is important. We are currently watching one of the next legends of country music grow and take over.

*Photos courtesy of Robert Ibbotson (@boknowvideo)

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