8 Alcoholic Drinks And What They Say About The Girls Drinking Them

You can learn a lot about a girl from what she orders at the bar. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s really that simple.

Pay attention fellas, the type of mixed drink she orders will tell you everything you need to know.

Here’s 8 mixed drinks and what they say about the girls drinking them:

Vodka Soda

This girl is as basic as they come. Vodka soda, really? Be original girl. The only thing more basic would be to order a Cosmopolitan like you’re literally Carrie Bradshaw. But she’s not Carrie Bradshaw, she’s just a girl in a bar that has to take it down a few notches but still owns her basic-ness.

Vodka Cranberry

She’s just as basic as the vodka soda girl but is also health conscious because she puts fruit juice in her alcohol. She can be found belting out the words to every song that plays with her friends on the dance floor and annoying everybody, but everyone puts up with her because she’s a good time.

Vodka Red Bull

This girl is still basic but wants to party more than anyone. Not only is she getting drunk, she’s getting hyped up from the unhealthy amount of caffeine in the Red Bull. She can be found on the dance floor for most of the night and then crying/puking at the end.

Gin and Tonic

Despite drinking at a bar with $3 beer pitchers, this girls think she’s fancy and literally orders watered down booze to prove that she’s better than everyone. Despite thinking she’s better than everyone, she screams the loudest of all of the basics when “Closer” by The Chainsmokers starts playing, so she’s basically a huge hypocrite.

Jack and Coke

Probably the most chill girl at the bar and gets along with the boys because she’s drinking whiskey, but it’s still a mixed drink so she’s still basic. The other girls either love her or hate her, there is absolutely no in between because she’s the kind of girl that says she’s “not like other girls.”

Moscow Mule

She thinks she’s all cultured and worldly because her drink has “Moscow” in the title but in reality she’s just drinking vodka and ginger beer. She thinks she’s special and fancy, but she’s just as basic as all of the other vodka girls. You’re not fooling anyone Becky, so stop trying.


This girl was the girl who got sent to standards in her sorority every other week back in college and will likely black out and end up crying on the bathroom floor at the end of the night. She’s a good time before she blacks out, so she’s worth keeping around.

Sex On The Beach

This girl is as extra as they come. She’s trying to be even fancier than the gin and tonic girl and is succeeding. She takes it to the next level by ordering a drink that she knows will get everyone’s attention; and so she can use the word “sex” because she’s also secretly a teenager.

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