Want To Work In The Country Music Industry? You Need To Listen To “This Nashville Life” Podcast By Kelleigh Bannen

Hear about Nashville’s untold stories in a glamorous way. 

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Kelleigh Bannen is a complete badass. She not only is an amazing singer/songwriter/fashion inspiration, but she has a killer blog about all things Nashville and country music that is now accompanied by a podcast, both by the title This Nashville Life. I could go on and on about how much I love this website and podcast but I’ll stop before I start gushing. I definitely have never paid much attention to podcasts but I had a feeling I would enjoy Kelleigh’s. It has Nashville in the title so I was in. The two episodes so far discuss the topics of country music on the radio and then the experience of song writing and the ups and downs that go with that. I’m not an artist, but I’m gunning for a career in the country music industry and hearing about it from someone who is right in the middle of it is entertainingly educational. When I think of a “Girl Boss” I think Kelleigh Bannen. Seriously, if you have any interest in working in the industry or hearing about all this music stuff straight from an artist give this a listen here.

This Nashville Life the website has everything from fashion, music, Kelleigh’s take on things going on around Nashville and more.

Check out Kelleigh’s newest music video for one of the songs called “All Good Things” off of her new EP Cheap Sunglasses available on iTunes now.

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