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14 Signs Your High School Sucks a Bag of D*cks

Not everyone is fortunate enough to go to a great high school.

For some of us, the best part of high school was spicy chicken patty day. If you’re like me, and moved on wanting nothing to do with that place, you know these things ring nothing but the truth.

Once you’ve moved away, and come home to visit, things stick with you from the past…

14. You don’t know where the chicken patty came from, but you ate that thing.

13. Jorts are still very in fashion for some of your former classmates.

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12. If your mom asks you get a Redbox movie while visiting home, you have to wear a disguise in case someone happens to notice you at the CVS.

11. The same applies for your visit to Walmart. You dress like you are in the witness protection program. You don’t want to see people.

10. The superstar athletes during the high school years may or may not be working at the local gas station.

9. If you happen to be visiting during the year’s first 70 degree day, there will be men shirtless driving.

8. If you do run into someone that “made it out” you freak out and hang with each other for 10 minutes even if you were never friends before.

7. During high school, you probably had a 70’s orange locker color, or shit green – definitely one of these.

6. When you hear about former classmates, they are now married with 4 kids and you’re just over here being single and hoping to pay your student loans.

5. The nicest place you could take a date in high school was the local Applebees.

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4. There were drug arrests in high school, often.

3. AP classes were too damn easy – PSH.

2. School lunch was so bad, you probably ate Bosco sticks daily, or just starved if you didn’t bring your own food.

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1. The coolest thing by your school was a Kohl’s or Kmart.

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A beer bottle on a dock