The Definitive Ranking Of Every Eric Church Song Ever Recorded

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This guy is the absolute baddest dude in the business.

He’s got 5 amazing albums and an early EP of country music gold that, on a bad day, would kick the ass of anyone else on their best day.

We did the impossible and ranked every single song Eric has ever recorded. 61 tracks of what is only half a legendary career so far. It’s damn near impossible to sit here and decide that at any given moment this song is better than that one, but hell I did it anyway.

Everyone’s rankings are going to look different with so much great music, but either way, let’s tip our hats and raise our glasses to the undisputed boss of country music, Mr. Eric Church.

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61. “My Heart’s Got A Memory”

60. “Young And Wild”

59. “The Joint”

58. “Broke Record”

57. “Chattanooga Lucy”

56. “Faster Than My Angels Can Fly”

55. “Ain’t Killed Me Yet”

54. “I’m Getting Stoned”

53. “You Make It Look So Easy”

52. “Rollercoaster Ride”

51. “Round Here Buzz”

50. “How ‘Bout You”

49. “Homeboy”

48.“Holdin’ My Own”

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47.“Cold One”

46. “Devil, Devil”

45. “His Kind Of Money (My Kind Of Love)”

44. “Country Music Jesus”

43. “Mistress Named Music”

42. “Two Pink Lines”

41. “Can’t Take It With You”

40. “Creeping”

39. “Before She Does”

38. “Longer Gone”

37. “Knives Of New Orleans”

36. “Hungover And Hard Up”

35. “Dark Side”

34. “Without You Here”

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33. “The Outsiders”

32. “Jack Daniels”

31. “Three Year Old”

30. “Chevy Van”

29. “Like A Wrecking Ball”

28. “Hell On The Heart”

27. “Give Me Back My Hometown”

26. “Over When It’s Over”

25. “That’s Damn Rock & Roll”

24. “Keep On”

23. “A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young”

22. “Mixed Drinks About Feelings”

21. “Pledge Allegiance To The Hag”

20. “Talladega”

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 19. “Guys Like Me”

18. “What I Almost Was”

17. “Mr. Misunderstood”

16. “Sinners Like Me”

15. “Livin’ Part Of Life”

14.“Record Year”

13.“Those I’ve Loved”

12. “The Hard Way”

11. “Lotta Boot Left To Fill”

10. “Kill A Word”

9. “These Boots”

8. “Lightning”

7. “Carolina”

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6. “Smoke A Little Smoke”

5. “Where She Told Me To Go”

4. “Like Jesus Does”

3. “Drink In My Hand”

2. “Love Your Love The Most”

1. “Springsteen”

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