Jason Aldean: New Album Is “Vintage Me”

Jason Aldean recently sat down with Rolling Stone for a telling, and brutally honest, interview.


This honesty is why a lot of fans love him, and rightfully so. He’s not a kiss ass, never was and never will be. He mentioned

Onstage, I’m one way. Offstage I’m more laid back, but I’m also a guy that doesn’t take any shit off anybody and I’m very outspoken. If you wanna know something, I’m gonna tell ya. I might not always tell ya in a way you want to hear, but I’m just being honest. I think a lot of times that may come across as a little brash, which is not intentional.

Jason walks with a chip on his shoulder, justifiably so after the CMAs snub. Fans of the old Jason, and when I say old I mean the music, are going to be happy to hear his new album is “vintage” Aldean. Try getting a new Aldean hater to be honest and say they don’t love the new single “A Little More Summertime” – that’s the Jason we all love, and the Jason back this Friday with his new album, They Don’t Know.

Full interview on Rolling Stone

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