Tucker Beathard Announces Debut “Fight Like Hell” EP & We’re Jacked

If you loved the debut single, “Rock On,” you’re in for something special on October 7th. Tucker has a brand new EP and we’re way excited for this kid.

““I’ve always loved country music for the storytelling and lyrics. I’m not much of a talker, so when I got introduced to songwriting it was the best therapy and my outlet,” he says. “It felt so good and saved me from a lot. With so many people supporting me and being able to do what I love, now it gives me the opportunity to not only help myself but help other people.”

Beathard co-wrote every song on the project, many of which, he co-wrote with his father Casey. He also played lead guitar and drums on the new release.

“ A lot of the songs I wrote with my dad because when I was living at home I’d have something I was working on and he’d hear it from the room and come in and the next thing you know we wrote a song. Naturally, we work great together.”

Fight Like Hell Track List:

1. I’ll Take On The World With You | Tucker Beathard, Dan Isbell, Jonathan Singleton
2. Rock On | Tucker Beathard, Casey Beathard, Marla Cannon
3. 20-10 Tennessee | Tucker Beathard, Casey Beathard, Phil O’Donnell
4. Home Sweet USA | Tucker Beathard, Casey Beathard, Phil O’Donnell
5. Momma and Jesus | Tucker Beathard, Deric Ruttan, Jonathan Singleton
6. Fight Like Hell | Tucker Beathard, Casey Beathard, Dan Isbell, Jonathan Singleton

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