11 New Songs From New Artists You Need To Hear Right Now

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Love supporting the new artists for a lot of different reasons, the main being that their music in unapologetically honest and unique.

The following 11 songs are all from new artists. I hope they make you a new fan if you aren’t already.

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“Til Tomorrow” – Walker McGuire

“We Do Us” – Ryan Hurd

“Stoned To Death” – James Dupre

“Tall Boy” – CJ Solar

“Leave The Light On” – Jackie Lee

“Amen for Women” – Endless Summer

“Dirt On Us” – Drew Baldridge

“If There’s A Bar Up In Heaven” – Mark Leach

“Crack Another One” – Carter Winter

“Pink Flamingos” – Erik Dylan

“Hurricane” – Luke Combs

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A beer bottle on a dock