Heartbroken Dog Finds A New Best Friend

Happy National Dog Day.

Here’s a heart-warmer about a dog, and a duck…


This is George. Almost 2 years of depression after his playmate of 12 years, a labrador named Blackie, passed away, George met someone new, a duck (who wandered up to him). The heartbroken George paid the duck no mind. He was just relaxing on his porch back home in Tennessee. The duck didn’t leave George’s side, though George still didn’t pay the duck much attention.

2-the-duck-snuggled-next-to-heartbroken-george-as-he-was-laying-on-the-porch-of-this-home-in-tennessee 3-we-have-no-idea-where-this-duck-came-from-but-he-sure-does-love-george-and-since-the-duck-has-arrived-george-has-not-cried-one

What makes it so strange is that the duck showed up on the anniversary of Blackie’s passing. Pretty soon George was up and about and began wandering around with his new playmate.

They’ve become inseparable. George is smiling again, for the first time in a long time.

4-it-is-strange-for-a-duck-to-just-appear-at-our-house-and-be-attached-to-your-dog 6-klvx2c9 8-xhs68cd

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