Ray Fulcher’s “Bad Habits” Is the Story of Your Life

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Hard to kick those bad habits.

Ray Fulcher is one of those guys who is doing this music thing the right way. He hits the road hard with his band every weekend playing all over the place. When he’s not on the road he’s writing songs every day with other artists and under his brand new publishing deal with River House Artists, which is the same label Luke Combs just signed a record deal with. The label head Lynn Oliver-Cline knows talent when she sees it.

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Ray just hit us with the pre-order for his new EP Here We Go Again and when you pre-order it now you get his new single “Bad Habits” instantly. If that song is any hint at what his new EP is going to be like, then it’s a smash. Here We Go Again is available for pre-order here and is set to release September 9th. “To me ‘Bad Habits’ is about a girl that whenever she comes around, it’s over. That ex-girlfriend or that person they just can’t quite get over, that’s always haunting them, and you just can’t quite quit them. We wanted it to be a real country song with steel guitar, which is a prevalent part of my music. Hopefully it’s a song people will have fun listening to but can also relate to,” Ray told Whiskey Riff exclusively. Check out this clip below for a preview of “Bad Habits” and see some footage of Ray’s run of shows in front of thousands of fans.

Video by Robert Ibbotson (@boknowvideo).

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