Sweet Tea Trio: Your New Western-Chic Style Inspiration

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No need for Pinterest.

Sweet Tea Trio are about to give you closet envy. As women in country music you have to establish a look for yourselves. You can’t just show up onstage in jeans in a tee like the boys can. Well I guess you could, but where is the fun in that? Sweet Tea Trio is absolutely killing it onstage with their live set AND their to die for outfits from their jewelry down to their boots. They owe a lot of their looks to The Gypsy Spur, a boutique in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I’d probably pass out if I ever got to go to this store in person, but good news! They do online orders and shipping HERE. Check out seventeen times Sweet Tea Trio rocked the “free spirit, western chic, boho, southern ect ect” look.

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A beer bottle on a dock