Country Music’s “Best Of The Best” – Who Would Win High School Yearbook Awards

If you have ever seen an episode of Jimmy Fallon, you may be familiar with The Tonight Show’s “Not So Superlatives.” If not, you have probably seen a high school yearbook’s “Best of the Best” awards, where high school seniors are given awards, voted on by their peers, in random categories. For example, when I graduated high school, I won “Best Eyes” and “Most Likely To Be A Lawyer.”

We took that same idea and applied it to the world of country music. So with that, I present to you, your Country Music Senior Class Awards.

Most Likely To Become President: John Rich

He occasionally makes an appearance on Fox News, has been known to write some GOP campaign songs and was also a winner of Celebrity Apprentice. He has what it takes.


Best Hair: Frankie Ballard

Like a young James Dean.

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Most Likely To Become A Supermodel: Jana Kramer

Have you looked at her?


Most Likely To Become The Next Taylor Swift: Kelsea Ballerini

With Taylor out of the country music game, there is an empty space for the next great female superstar of country music. Kelsea Ballerini just might be the one.

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Class Clown: Brad Paisley

Brad is well known for having funny songs, videos, tweets, fights with his manager and just about everything else. The guy is a natural born comedian and definitely the class clown of country music.


Most Likely To Park His Boat At The Waffle House: Jake Owen

Jake is always out on the water and the poster boy of lake life. When he’s not out on the water, you know where you can find his boat. At the Waffle House.


Best Singer: Carrie Underwood

Well duh….


Cutest Couple: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Been married forever and still going strong.


Most Likely To Play Pro Sports: Sam Hunt

If this isn’t the quarterback of the football team, I don’t know who is. Rumor has it the Kansas City Chiefs have a scout in the stands every Friday night.


The Best Dressed: Brett Eldredge

They have him judging the Miss America Pageant for a reason. He is the country Frank Sinatra.


Best Dancer: Thomas Rhett

It seems like he’s trying to make this his new thing as of late. I’m going to hand him this as a “thanks for trying” award. A for effort.


Biggest Party Animal: Blake Shelton

You have to be a special kind of party animal to wake up in Chicken suit….Bitch.


Most Sarcastic: Kacey Musgraves



Most Likely To Start A Band: Keith Urban

As soon as he finds a few good buddies.


Most Likely To Be Carded When They’re 30: Hunter Hayes

He’s gonna party like he just turned 21….and they’re gonna want to get a look at that ID…. even when he’s 31.


Best Friends: Brian Kelley & Tyler Hubbard

Like brothers from another mother.


Most Likely To Wear Camo To Church: Tyler Farr

He’s from the banjo chicken-pluckin’ double-clutchin’ C.O.U.N.T.R.Y


Most School Spirit: Cole Swindell

He doesn’t go anywhere without that baseball cap reppin’ his school. School spirit at its finest.


Most Likely To Live In A Tent On The Beach: Kip Moore

Well known beach bum and surf fanatic. For all we know, he’ll probably skip the graduation ceremony and get tubed.


Best Ride: Brantley Gilbert

We know the parking lot is packed with trucks, but all the ladies want to get on the back of Brantley Gilbert’s motorcycle. The bad boy just might snag himself a cheerleader with that ride.


Best Smile: Luke Bryan

Nicest guy in the world and the smile to match it.


All-Around Favorite: Dierks Bentley

Prom King, Homecoming King, and all around Mr. “High School,” everybody loves Dierks and there’s a million reasons why.


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