Alabama’s 65 South Ups Local Music Scene Game With 65 South Fest

A TON of new artists comin’ at you.

65 South is a new apparel brand based in Birmingham, Alabama that promotes shows with Alabama raised artists Muscadine Bloodline, Murphy Elmore, and Riley Green. They are spreading the word throughout the entire state of Alabama and branching out into other states as well. This past weekend they took the next step with their first sold out in advance festival called 65 South Fest, which was hosted at very popular music venue and bar, Zydeco, in Birmingham, Alabama. Zydeco has a killer set up of a downstairs bar with stage number one, a large patio with bar and stage number two, and the main upstairs room with a bar and large full stage number three. The Fest had 17 bands all hailing from Alabama playing throughout the entire day and night on the three stages.

The Standouts

Murphy Elmore

Murphy just about burned the place to the ground with his high energy rock influenced show. He and his band lived up the hype. The Zydeco regulars and out of town fans alike rocked all night.

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Muscadine Bloodline

If you’re an avid Whiskey Riffer you know we’re big fans of Muscadine Bloodline and have been since they formed as a duo. They killed it per usual. The girls are lining up to be their Porch Swing Angels.

Riley Green

Riley is always a crowd favorite with “Bury Me In Dixie” AKA what might as well be the theme song of the state. He isn’t hard to look at either.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

Sweet Tea Trio

These girls have onstage energy like I’ve never seen. They slayed. Awesome cover choices and their originals were good too. “Sweet Tea Summer” is one of theirs I really liked. Also, their Western-chic style is absolutely to die for.

Aaron Parker

The second this guy walked onstage he brought the energy. The crowd sure was feeling this one and Aaron has a heck of a stage presence.

All of the artists on the bill were great and kept the crowd going. James Miller Band, Michael Warren Band, Trey Lewis Band, Alli Leighann, Rexton Lee, Casey Thrasher, Same Grayson, Jobe Fortner, Dale Louis, Matt Bennett, Adam Stacks, and Carson Carlisle came from all parts of Alabama and brought fans with them while gaining new fans that day.

Check out this sick video of the festival by Robert Ibbotson (@boknowvideo) below.

Zydeco owner and 65 South co-owner Layne Flournoy said “65 South Fest was all we could have hoped for. It served as the platform for what we envisioned for this brand. This state has a vast pool of talented country musicians. The purpose of 65 South is to showcase that talent. We as a brand want to help bridge that gap between local artists and country music fans in Alabama. I feel like we accomplished that and more this weekend. It was extremely gratifying to see the response from the crowd for these artists. They sure did deserve it. We are playing catch up with some of our neighboring states in the country music scene right now but I think that landscape is changing fast! 65 South Fest was proof of it.”

We’re all about bringing the light to new artists here so I was a big fan of 65 South Fest. You heard about it here first. Check out their website for their sweet merch and show schedule at and for you folks in or near Alabama check out to see their killer concert schedule.

*Photos and video courtesy of Robert Ibbotson @boknowvideo.

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