“Gotta Be Me” Proves Cody Johnson Is The Next Texas Country Superstar.

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Texas country is a bit of a different beast compared to the Nashville scene. Cody Johnson is bridging the gap.

Cody Johnson is authentic as it gets and his new album, Gotta Be Me, is a living testament to that, in name and in content. Currently an unsigned artist with Nashville beating down his door, Johnson has some freakish numbers. For example, in the last two years he’s sold over $1 million in album sales, without any label support and grabbed over 160k fans on Facebook. It’s ridiculous.

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One listen to his new album and you’ll know exactly why.

It’s as real as it gets. You get the sense with each song that Johnson has lived and breathed every line he sings. Johnson’s unique voice lends itself to a perfect combination of gritty and smooth that hits you right in the soul.

The lead single, “With You I Am” is an amazing standout track, “Billy’s Brother” is an old school banger and “I Can’t Even Walk” is a praise-worthy hymn every church should be singing on Sunday. Take Travis Tritt and mix in a little Tim Mcgraw with a dash of authentic Texas grit and you get Cody Johnson (and a handful of labels chomping at the bit). All in all, Gotta Be Me is an impressive collection of true to life country songs that echo the glory days of 90’s country and yet, remain completely relevant all at the same time. It’s a must own for any legitimate fan of country music.

Standout Tracks:

“With You I Am”

“Chain Drinkin”

“Every Scar Has A Story”

“Wild As You”

“I Can’t Even Walk”

Click here to download Cody Johnson’s new album Gotta Be Me on iTunes.

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